Fresh Strawberry Turnovers!!

A total impulse buy, Raley’s had 2 lbs of fresh ruby-red California grown strawberries on sale for $4.99 this week.  I had to have them! Once I bought them however, I wondered what exactly I was going to do with 2 lbs of strawberries!  For a family, this is a no-brainer. But for someone who primarily buys and cooks for one!? That’s a lot of strawberries!  A LOT!!  I remembered that I had a package of Pepperidge Farm Puff Pastry and some whipping cream on hand. I knew there had to be something I could whip up (pardon the pun! 😉 ) with the trio!

This post isn’t a recipe per sey, but more a sharing of a great summer time dessert idea!  There are no measurements.  You just gotta wing it! 🙂

Fresh Strawberry Turnovers!

Fresh Strawberry Turnovers

Fresh Strawberries
Puff Pastry
Whipping Cream

Wash, pat dry and cut strawberries to desired size. Sprinkle with sugar to taste. I also added a touch of vanilla. Set aside to allow the strawberries to marinate in their own juices and the sugar. Unroll puff pastry, cut into squares and fold into triangles taking the upper left corner and folding down to the bottom right corner. Puff Pastry is usually sticky enough to stick to itself, if that’s not the case, a little melted butter, milk or water can be used to secure the two corners.  Brush the top of the triangles with water, melted butter or milk then dust with sugar. Bake per package instructions and let cool. If preparing your own whipping cream (which I prefer, but you can certainly use Cool Wip or other already prepared whipping cream), beat with sugar and vanilla until soft peaks form.

Split the cooled turnovers in half, put a dollop of whip cream on the bottom half, spoon strawberries on top, add another dollop of whip cream and place top piece of turnover back in place.

Viola! You have a fresh, sweet and flaky treat sure to satisfy on these warm summer evenings!

Fresh Strawberry Turnovers!


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