Christmas Shenanigans of an Elf!

If you have small children and don’t live inside a bubble, you’re all too familiar with the craze known as Elf On The Shelf.  If you have older children or don’t yet have children like myself, my guess is that you too haven’t escaped the elf craze. Elf posts are plastered all over social networking sites from child friendly G-rated elf mischief of flour snow angels on the kitchen counter to R-rated elf-capades with Barbie in the backseat of her pink Jeep (GASP!)!!  What must Ken think!?  Elfs are everywhere and one is guaranteed to reside in a house near you!

This holiday season I welcomed Lily the Elf into my home…


Lily came bearing Greenies for Noelle…


.. and almost immediately began sending inappropriate texts to Santa!


.. followed by love notes to Pip!


She snaked my Cookie Butter!


… and took a ride on a camel. “No Lily, I do not recall The Bible stating an Elf was present at the birth of Jesus Christ!”


There were quiet evenings in watching Christmas movies and the fire burn..


.. and late nights with the welcome company of  EJ and Nog!


Lily played dress-up..


.. and hide-and-go-seek!


She swung from our tree-topper..


.. and took “life on the pole” out of context!


Lily found a cake ornament on the tree…


.. for a special young mans 9th Birthday!


There has been plenty of Elf food – CANDY!


… and Starbucks to wash it down!


From my home to yours.. wishing you a VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS!! xo





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