Don’t Crowd the Mushrooms!

Don’t crowd the mushrooms! Something I’ve heard a number of times, but it wasn’t until I actually listened that I was introduced to the most delightful dish of succulent sautéed fungi. EVER.

Like most things in life, mushrooms need room to mature & flourish.  Space to peak & reach their highest potential. Crowding causes suffocation, restricting the ability to thrive.  All we (eh hem.. mushrooms :)) need is a little comfort, heat & good company. In the fungi world, these ingredients translate to olive oil, medium heat, fresh garlic and herbs & of course, mushrooms! My favorites being Baby Bella’s. 🙂 When measuring out your mushrooms, make sure to use a little less than what your pans capacity will hold. This will allow the mushrooms room to breathe & blossom into the juiciest and tastiest morsels you’ve ever had the pleasure of eating.

If there is one thing you listen to today, let it be, “don’t crowd the mushrooms!”.

Don't crowd the mushrooms! 🙂



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