FroYo YO!

I don’t know if it’s that I’ve been living under a rock, or if  it’s my old-school ways and stubbornness, but I will admit, I am behind the times!  Many will say it’s a combination of the three.  Luckily this blog isn’t about what they think! 😉

I’ve seen numerous posts for months (maybe even years),  on Facebook, “Mmmm… FroYo!!”, overhead conversations while out and about, “Want to grab some FroYo?”  FroYo, it’s everywhere!!  Everyone is doing it, having it and liking it! Everyone but…. me!  What the %$@#!?

I wish I could remember the exact moment last week when an overwhelmingly bright light went on… FroYo = FROZEN YOGURT!! OMG!!! Now we could ask the question, “why didn’t this occur to Allison before?”, but I think it’s best that we leave that one be. 🙂

For those questioning what “OMG” means, bless you! My point has been made. 🙂  Life is short enough!  Is it really necessary to shorten our vocabulary and use all these acronyms and fancy abbreviations that often only mean something to the person using them, while everyone else is trying to interpret what exactly they’re reading? I can’t tell you how many times I’ve referred to my trusty and just to understand a text, email or Facebook post.  Does it really save that much time to say FroYo instead of Frozen Yogurt? I prefer, for the most part, to stick to my old-school, stubborn ways!

On that note.  I’m going to dive into my Cake Batter with Rainbow Sprinkles…. wait for it…. FROZEN YOGURT, before it melts in this heat and I have to crawl back under my rock for shelter!



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