Chili in the Summertime…

I’m a member of a Bunco group and as a member, I have the honor of hosting Bunco once a year. As a host, I provide appetizers, drinks, dinner, game snacks and dessert. Do you see a theme here!? We say we’re getting together to play a dice game, when in reality, it’s just an excuse to gorge ourselves on yummy treats!! 🙂

In preparation of “my night”, which happens to be exactly one month from today, I decided to do a Chili test run. I’ve not made Chili before. Or maybe it’s that I don’t recall making Chili before? Either way, I thought it might be a good idea to make a pot (or two) before game time where I’ll be responsible for making sure 11 hungry women leave my home full & satisfied. And that they don’t feel the need to go on a late night Taco Bell run!

Right off the bat I ran into a minor snag with what I believed to be a fool-proof meal. Why are Mexican Stewed Tomatoes with Jalapeno’s so hard to find? Has anyone found them? Anywhere? I decided to substitute with Rotell Tomatoes with Jalapeno’s. I’ll find out later this may not have been a good call.  The Chili was extremely easy to prepare. Way too easy actually. Who would have thunk it!? And why haven’t I made it before? Then again, maybe I have and just don’t remember.  Moving on…

The sun had set. It was still a sweltering 91 degrees outside and with an oven baking at 400 degrees (because test batch or not, we still need cornbread! DUH!!) and a big pot of Chili simmering on the stove, I think it’s safe to say it was at least 90+ degrees inside as well.  This is why Chili is not, let me repeat, NOT, a summer meal.  But I’ll soon realize that’s only one reason.

Cornbread done. Chili done. I’m ready to sit down and try a bowl of this yummy deliciousness I slaved in the heat over. I take my first bite. It was good. Hearty. Perfect consistency.  And it packed a punch! A big punch! A clear your sinus’, sweat on your brow while you eat, punch.  Note to self, do not substitute Mexican Stewed Tomatoes with Jalapeno’s with Rotell Tomatoes with Jalapeno’s. I tend to like spicy foods, but this may have been even too spicy for me.  No one wants to be reaching for the kleenex while eating.  This recipe as it stood, is certainly not going to earn an A+ rating from my affectionately called, Bunco Bitches.

Luckily I have a good three weeks till game time to find the mysterious Mexican Stewed Tomatoes or a new recipe. I suspect that I’m going to be burned out on Chili come October 21st and will be one of those girls (we all know one) who says, “I’ll just have a piece of bread.” 😉

Homemade Chili


8 thoughts on “Chili in the Summertime…

  1. What a great blog! One reason I miss Santa Rosa…being an official taste tester of your delicious dishes! BTW….I buy my Mexican Stewed Tomatoes at Safeway.

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