For the love of Brie!!

Who doesn’t absolutely love Brie cheese!? I personally know a few of you out there. What’s the deal? Is it the creamy, smooth texture? Is the flavor too delicate? Do you not like the mold it’s encased in? Guess what, I don’t either! Cut it off!! I just don’t understand. I don’t understand how anyone can not love, or at least like, Brie!

Eaten alone or smeared on a cracker or baguette. Heated in a bread bowl with sun-dried tomatoes or roasted garlic. Served with a brown sugar glaze.  Baked in puff-pastry with dried fruit, nuts and/or jam… I think I just drooled. Tell me you can do all the above with a block of sharp cheddar! I think not.

While celebrating Adeline’s 91st Birthday a few weeks back, we were each given a jar of The Tailings Bourbon Indian Blood Peach Jam and a jar of The Tailings Brandy Pear Jam jarred courtesy our family friends Ken and Nick. On the way home, my sister suggested we spread the peach jam on Brie and bake in puff-pastry.  My sister is one smart cookie! I like her thinking!! 🙂

Bourbon and Indian Blood Peaches ~ photo courtesy Ken Miller

On a cozy Sunday in, I thawed a sheet of puff-pastry, cut the mold off a wedge of Brie, smothered it with Bourbon Indian Blood Peach Jam, wrapped it up like a Christmas present and baked it until the pastry was golden brown and the Brie was oozing out the sides.  As if the Brie, jam and puff-pastry wasn’t enough, I sliced it and served it on Water Crackers. Heavenly!!!  The Bourbon Indian Blood Peach Jam was a PERFECT compliment to the Brie.  Absolutely deee-licious! And let’s face it, puff-pastry goes well with anything! DUH!

Wedge of Brie on puff-pastry, smothered with Bourbon Indian Blood Peach Jam!

Baked Brie in puff-pastry

Baked Brie

Thank you, Ken and Nick for the wonderfully delightful jam!! I hear the jam is a hit in my sisters household as well! I’m toying with the idea of making Thumbprint Cookies with the Brandy Pear Jam!!  I. Can’t. Wait. 🙂

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