Baked Chicken Sammie’s, Homemade Pickles and 91st Birthday’s!

Over the weekend, I had the great honor of celebrating a very special woman’s 91st Birthday.  Yes, you read right, NINETY-FIRST Birthday!! Our very dear family friend Adeline turns 91 on November 1st and every year we celebrate with a birthday luncheon hosted by none other than the birthday girl herself. 🙂

The women who gather share a lifetime of friendship and family ties. Over the years dear friends have passed, shrinking the group of ladies who gather for this special day, however they are always with us in spirit.  Three years ago my sister-in-law started joining us.  Every year the lunch menu is the same, baked chicken sandwiches, Adeline’s homemade pickles, tossed salad and Adeline’s famous, “red Jell-O salad” all served on the fine china that my maternal grandmother started her on many, many years ago. 🙂 And for dessert, we have cake!

The conversations are always interesting to listen to, stories of when some of the ladies were Camp-Fire Girl Leaders, reminiscing about lost spouses and dear friends, who’s doing who, heh hem, who’s doing what, in the retirement home. The stories these ladies tell are fascinating, hilarious, endearing, heartbreaking and joyous.

A trip to Adeline’s house is never complete until I’ve walked thru her garden. Living in a cool-climate area, her garden thrives beautifully. Artichokes, figs, apples, roses, lavender, tomatoes and a number of other vines and shrubs fill the backyard with a peaceful calm. In years past, gorgeous sunflowers resulted from the seed the birds dropped from the feeder. It’s not uncommon to see statice sprout up randomly in the lawn.

Adeline’s loving and unselfish heart shines brightly in her garden, home, family and the many friendships she’s had over the years. Adeline is the type of woman we all aspire to be. I know I can speak on behalf of my family when I say we are truly blessed and honored to have Adeline in our lives.

People come and go from our lives everyday. But special people… special people leave an imprint on our hearts forever. 🙂

The Birthday Girl!! Happy Birthday, Adeline!!

Baked Chicken Sandwich

Homemade Pickles

Red Jell-O Salad

Birthday Cake!

White Cake with Fresh Strawberries and Whip Cream

Garden Scarecrow


Apple Tree

There are many hidden treasures in Adeline's garden..


The Birthday Girl and myself 🙂


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