Más, por favor!

Yes. I said it. More please!! Mexican food is one of the few staples in life that I need. That’s right. I need it! The day I turn down Mexican food is a day that the sun no longer shines and quite possibly, I don’t have a pulse.  I could eat Mexican food for breakfast, lunch and dinner. And come back for more the next day. 😉

Mexican food is one of few foods that hit’s the proverbial spot no matter the weather, your mood, financial situation and/or time of day..  taco’s, burritos’, quesadilla’s, tostada, beans and rice, ceviche, nacho’s, enchiladas, tamales, chili relleno, chili verde, tortilla soup… CHIPS & SALSA!!!  Need I continue!? 😉 Point being, there is something for everyone!

A not so well kept secret, the absolute best Mexican food is dished up from the small whole in the wall, diviest looking of places. Usually family owned and operated.  No joke.  Their meat is juicy and perfectly marinated. Chips are crispy and salted to my liking. The salsa is fresh and has the right amount of kick!  I don’t have much experience with Taco Trucks, but I hear they’re not too shabby either!

When in the mood for Mexican (which as you have learned, is more common than not!), I find myself thankful that I live in an area that offers a variety of choices from authentic to more Americanized options.  I feel bad for those who don’t have as many options and may think El Torito is as good as it gets.  It gets better. SOOOOOO MUCH BETTER!!!!

On that note, what’s for dinner? 😉

Slammin' Carne Asada Burrito

Plate full of messy deliciousness! Rice n' Beans, Tamale & Chili Relleno

Carne Asada Taco

Superbowl 2011 Nacho's!!


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