HIP HIP HOORAY for Beignet!

While spending the afternoon in San Francisco, I stopped for lunch at a little sandwich shop in North Beach.  As I was reading their menu, my eyes were immediately drawn to one particular item.. Beignet.  Insert hearts popping out of my eyes here! 🙂

Pronounced “ben-YAY”, a Beignet is a deep-fried pastry.  A billowy pocket of dough, lighter than a doughnut.  Being a fan of all things fried (DUH!), this was an opportunity I would not be passing up!  Served in a trio, the Beignets were dusted with powder sugar and accompanied with a side of raspberry sauce. Magnifique!

I’m unsure how in my 36 years, I’ve never had the pleasure of trying such a simple, yet delicate pastry. I worked in a bakery for goodness sakes! Then again, it was Safeway’s bakery and they’re not exactly known for diversity in pastries! 😉  Being I had nothing to compare these lovely little fried pockets to, I was certainly not disappointed.  Lets be honest, can you ever fail with fried dough!?  I didn’t think so. 😉  The Beignets were everything I had read; rectangular in shape, air-y and light. So light in fact that it would be easy to devour a plate full! EASY.

The only experienced drawback… I can’t stop daydreaming about chillin’ on a quaint outdoor patio of a small coffee shop,  cool Autumn morning, leaves of the trees dancing in a slight breeze, watching the hustle and bustle of others, while sharing a plateful of Beignets with good company and savoring every sip of a steaming hot Café au lait.  Sigh…..

Beignets with Raspberry Sauce


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