Super Sweet Strawberry Sunday!

If you’ve been following my posts than you know I’m participating in an Instagram photo challenge. The March Food Photo Challenge to be exact. 🙂 Today’s theme is dishes. Being I am the queen of dishes, I got this one!  And what better dishes to use than my cupcake dessert dishes! Although super cute with their tart-pan like edges and cupcake print, how boring is an empty dish!? Booooorrrrrr-iiiiinggg!!  I can’t do boring! 😉 

Chocolate Dipped Strawberries!

What is cuter than a cupcake on my sweet dishes but hand-dipped chocolate strawberries of course! These strawberries serve two purposes – my IG photo challenge submission is complete and they’ll be the perfectly sweet and light dessert to go with the seared Ahi Tuna over herb greens I’m making for dinner. I love Sundays!!

My submission for IG's March Food Photo Challenge - Day 4 Theme, Dishes!

Make your Sunday sweet! Pick up some gorgeous and juicy strawberries, melt some chocolate and dip away! Don’t forget to wash and dry your berries well before dipping else the chocolate wont stick. Roll in your favorite topping for a creative touch and place in the fridge to set up. Easy, elegant and a delightfully satisfying treat! 🙂

A lil' piece of heaven! 🙂


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