“Milk’s Favorite Cookie”

What is it about a nice tall glass of cold milk and a few Oreo’s that seem to make time slow-down?  If even just for a few minutes.  It’s one of those rare occasions that you truly enjoy the moment, while IN the moment. You’re not thinking about what needs to be done. What you’re going to do next or what happened earlier in the day.

Oreo's and Milk!!!

The focus (or at least mine!) is on that simple chocolate sandwich cookie and how you’re going to dip it in your glass of milk  just long enough that it softens up, yet doesn’t break apart and sink to the bottom.

Oreo dunkin'...

In the unfortunate event you’re out of milk, how do you eat “Milk’s Favorite Cookie”? Do you bite into it, whole? Pop the whole thing in your mouth? Twist it apart and eat each cookie separately?  I like to disassemble my Oreo, eating each piece, creme included, separately.  I must admit however, I will rarely eat a Oreo without milk. It’s like having mashed potatoes without gravy. It just isn’t right.

Doesn't get much better than this!

Oreo fun fact, did you know that in 1990 Weird Al wrote a tribute to the Oreo, titled “The White Stuff”, a parody of the New Kids on the Block single, “You Got It (The Right Stuff)”?  Neither did I, until today.  You can thank me later! 😉


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