Healthy Banana Pecan Ice-Cream!

During a time that many of us are trying to eat healthier, I strongly feel we also need a healthy balance. Diets that cut too much of this or too much of that often set one up for failure. You know how it goes, that which we cannot have we want more of. That doesn’t mean we need to throw healthy eating out the window with reckless abandon. It just means making better choices. Healthier choices. But also find a way to work things we crave into our day. In a smart way.

Although I’m not a huge ice-cream fan, seems that as I too am trying to eat healthier, I’m craving ice-cream. Go figure. That which we cannot have… we want more of… 😉  This recipe was inspired by another blog a few weeks back. I wish I could remember which one so I could give proper credit. If they happen to see this post, thank you for the awesome idea!

I know it sounds odd to have healthy and ice-cream within the same sentence, but with the ingredients used, you’ll see why this sweet and delicious treat will satisfy the craving without the ill feelings of guilt from breaking your diet. 🙂 And bonus, you could swap out banana for any fruit of choice!!

Banana Pecan Ice-Cream (I scooped it before it was completely set.)

Banana Pecan Ice-Cream!
(I scooped it before it was completely set.)

Healthy Banana Pecan Ice-Cream

4 bananas, peeled wrapped in plastic and frozen
1 (5.3 ounce) container Oikos Non-Fat Vanilla Greek yogurt
Splash of vanilla extract
Splash of milk (I used 2%, use whatever you have on hand)
Chopped pecans

Chop the frozen bananas into chunks and put into a blender or food processor. Add yogurt, vanilla and milk and blend until smooth. Pour into a freezer safe bowl and stir in pecans. Put in the freezer and allow to set.  Scoop into a bowl and serve! If feeling like bending the rules a bit, drizzle with a little caramel topping or top with naturally sweet berries.

Banana Pecan Icecream with Caramel!

Banana Pecan Ice-Cream with Caramel!

This ice-cream tastes just like a frozen banana, less the chocolate. Healthy eating doesn’t mean tasteless or boring dishes. Healthy eating can be just as fabulous tasting and filling as the unhealthy, it just entails a little more creativity and thinking outside the box! 🙂


4 thoughts on “Healthy Banana Pecan Ice-Cream!

    • And to be guilt-free and taste good at that!? Double score! I will say it was hard as a rock when I took it out of the freezer last night. Not so easy to scoop. Next time maybe I’ll make them into popcicles where it’s OK if it hardens up.

    • I’m sure this would be even better with real ripe banana’s! All that natural sweetness! Yumm!! I must note that last night when I took it out of the freezer it was pretty solid and I wasn’t able to scoop it as I was the night before. So this may be better suited for icecream bars or popcicles unless consumed the night it’s made. 🙂

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