COOKIE Butter!!!

Say what!? You read right, COOKIE Butter!! For those who know what I’m talking ’bout, good for you!!  Where were you when I was in the dark?!?  For those who are clueless, I’m about to open your eyes and introduce your taste buds, virtually, to a simply divine treat!! 🙂

Cookie Butter!

Speculoos Cookie Butter is a nut and dairy-free peanut butter like, but not, spread. Although the jar reads: “a deliciously unusual spread reminiscent of gingerbread and made with crushed biscuits”, my coworker describes it’s smooth and creamy texture best, comparing it’s rich, yet subtle flavor to Snickerdoodle cookies. Speculoos Cookie butter is spectacular!! Whether smeared on a cookie, used as a dip for apples or eaten straight off the spoon – Cookie Butter is a treasure you do not want to miss! Head to your local Trader Joe’s and get yourself a jar, or two, today!

Cookie Butter on an apple! I don’t even like apples! But I LOVE them with Cookie Butter! 🙂


Cookie Butter on a cookie!




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