Slutty Brownies Anyone!? ;)

While perusing my Instagram feed, I ran across a post from a friend that read “Slutty Brownies”.  The first post consisted of a picture of said brownies courtesy the blog, The Londoner.  The posts that followed were the steps taken while preparing these most sinful sounding brownies. Insert eyes popping out of sockets AND jaw dropping to the floor!  These brownies were beautiful!  I was sold.  Instantly.

Slutty Brownies got their name from being “oh so easy, and more than a little bit filthy”.   And easy they are!  Especially if you follow the recipe and use boxed cookie and brownie mix. I’m not as ambitious as my Instagram friend who made homemade chocolate chip cookie dough and more than likely, homemade brownie batter.  I share the same sentiments as the author of The Londoner with regards to going homemade with this recipe, “life is just too short!” 🙂  Those of you who know my mother are gasping I’m sure, knowing she makes all her cookies and brownies from scratch!  I guess it’s not 100% “like mother, like daughter”! 😉

Most of my baking adventures revolve around baking for family and friends.  I love to bake for others but I am pretty good about not indulging.  Usually my craving is satisfied in the preparation. That’s not to say I don’t sample, there is such a thing as quality control! 😉 That however was all thrown out the window with these brownies!  Not to worry, I didn’t over-indulge, but not being prepared for what was to come, I did have to do a little more sampling than usual! 😉

What occurred next would have kept many from publishing this post, I’m sure. But shit happens. Things don’t always turn out perfect. Hell,  often times they’re no where even near perfect.  But that’s life.  Real life.  Why hide it?  Why give the impression that things are perfect all the time? It’s unrealistic.  Why portray yourself or a situation to be something it’s not?  I’ve never been one to hide anything. My feelings. My emotions. My thoughts. The good, the bad, the ugly – it’s all out there.  And quite honestly, I wouldn’t have it any other way.  So that being said, I introduce to you my Slutty Brownies. Running down the counter…

Slutty Brownies!

If you’re looking at that picture wondering what happened, you’re not alone!!  I’ve learned not to take things like this too seriously, so I laughed it off as I watched undercooked brownie batter slowly ooze out the sides like lava while the brownie cracked down the middle. Frantically I reached for more parchment paper as the batter was inching its way to the counter. What a mess!  I suspect my oven temperature may be off as I cooked these brownies 10-15 minutes longer than directed. However using an 8×8 baking dish may have also played a role. That’s a pretty small-sized dish for so much goodness. From what I can tell from other pictures I’ve seen of these sinfully gooey (and in my case minty) brownies, a certain level of gooeyness is to be expected. I do not believe however there is to be so much that you lose half your mix on the counter, leaving you no option but to use a spoon for clean-up. 😉 No. I didn’t use a spoon. Though it was tempting.  Not all was lost. I was able to salvage quite a bit of these brownies, cutting them into oddly shaped mounds of soft chocolate chip cookie,  slightly melted mint fudge Oreo’s and partially cooked brownie. Enjoyed with a tall glass of very cold milk, there are no words that can truly describe the deliciousness that a Slutty Brownie packs.  You just have to try them.  At least once.

Slutty Brownie!

Here is a link to the recipe for Slutty Brownies on  The Londoner –

Instead of using regular Oreo’s, I used Fudge Mint Oreo’s.


6 thoughts on “Slutty Brownies Anyone!? ;)

    • LOL!! Although it looks like my lack of patience may have played a role too, I do think it’s time to get my oven checked. Too often I have to keep increasing my baking time to cook something fully.

  1. As you know from my instagram photo, the batter oozed out also! It’s not your oven. I baked mine 15 minutes longer too & the same thing happened…my oven is regularly calibrated and I keep thermometers in them too. I agree, the pan size should be larger, but you are like me, you cut this too soon after baking just so you could get a picture!! Patience my dear…once it cools completely, the lava interior sets. I made a second batch and it turned out better.

    • LOL Sandra! I think you nailed it.. I am sooooooooooo impatient! Especially when it comes to photographing food! I’m happy to hear the next batch you made came out better, though I thought your first batch looked pretty good too! 🙂

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