Chocolate Covered Weakness

With Lent starting tomorrow, many are asking themselves (and preparing for) what they intend to give up for the next 6 weeks. Many opting to give up food related items, such as candy or sweets in general.  Although I don’t have intentions of giving up my chocolate-y weakness, I felt what better time to share my addiction than on Fat Tuesday and the eve of Lent!

My name is Allison, my weakness is chocolate covered marshmallows and I’m addicted to See’s Scotchmallow candies. Seriously. No joke. The fact that I’m blogging about them speaks volumes don’cha think!?  I’m addicted to just about anything with marshmallows – chocolate covered marshmallows, Peeps (but not chocolate covered Peeps! BLECH!) and your regular run of the mill basic marshmallows! I’m not a huge candy fan. In all actuality, I’m not a huge chocolate fan either. If presented with a bowl of candy along with chips and guacamole – I’m going for the chips and guac! No hesitation. I’ve always been more drawn to savory foods.  But put before me a carton of chocolate covered marshmallows or Scotchmallows, and well…  I get weak in the knees.

Delectable Scotchmallows!

If you’ve never had a Scotchmallow, let me describe them to you.  A little bit of heaven, Scotchmallows are a layer of creamy caramel topped with a spongy honey-sweet marshmallow, covered in rich dark chocolate.  This is one of the few times that I actually enjoy dark chocolate.  Their “bite” size makes it all too easy to sneak the one and only of its kind from the box, popping the whole thing in your mouth, leaving no evidence behind.  That is as long as you also remove and dispose of the candy wrapper too. 🙂

Scotchmallow Bar!

Any time I cross paths with a box of See’s chocolates, I always search out the Scotchmallow and devour it quietly, without drawing attention to myself,  before anyone has a chance.  That “anyone” usually being my mom! HA!! Selfish? Sure. But sometimes I think I’m not selfish enough therefore I’ll allow myself this indulgence!  Without guilt. 🙂

I’ve been fortunate to have an abundance of Scotchmallows the last few weeks. Starting with a Scotchmallow Bar picked up as an afternoon treat and ending with a bag full for Valentine’s Day. I am in heaven, savoring each and every rich, delectable bite!

Scotchmallows... a beautiful sight! 🙂

I’m looking forward to the Easter candy hitting the shelves (though I think I may have noticed some over the weekend…), so I can get my fix of chocolate covered marshmallow eggs (Brach’s being the BEST brand!) and sugary Peeps (I prefer the yellow and pink ones!)! A little side note about Peeps, the more stale they are, the better they are!! 🙂

Chocolate Marshmallow Eggs and Peep!



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