Wingin’ It!

Contrary to this posts title, it has nothing to do with wings and everything to do with “wingin’ it” in the kitchen! No recipe necessary, it’s all about using your imagination and creativity! 🙂

No one can ever say that I don’t stretch my leftovers.  As you’re about to read, this is my third crab post in a short period of time. I can officially say I’ve eaten crab three ways in seven days ~ Quiche, “Allison’s Omelet Fail” and Crab Cakes!!  Making three different meals out of 12 ounces of crab!? SCORE!! Not only have I stretched my leftovers, but I’ve stretched my dime! AND…. I stretched my mind! 😉

Crab Cakes

Having roughly a cup of crab leftover and not wanting to waste it, I decided to follow my co-workers casual recommendation as we left work Friday evening, “make crab cakes!” A cup of crab however is not a whole lot of crab for any recipe and I was not about to pick up more.  But not to worry, this is where a little imagination and creativity comes into play!  What resulted, Crab Cakes, my way! 🙂

I can’t provide any measurements as I went strictly by taste, but I can provide a step by step!

The Ingredients

Ingredients ~

Worcestershire Sauce
Old Bay Seasoning
Cayenne Pepper
Ground Dry Mustard
Black Pepper
Green Onion
Butter – for frying

Threw everything into a bowl..

All mixed together!

I formed patties with the mixture and breaded with more Panko.

Watch out Paula Deen! I fried them in butta! 🙂

Fried them on both sides until the outside was browned and crispy!

For a  healthier alternative to frying, drizzle the Crab Cakes with a little Olive Oil and broil/bake in oven until browned. 🙂

These Crab Cakes were delicious!!  And I’m not just saying that.  Trust me, I’d tell you if they were crap. Just refer to a few of my  previous kitchen mishaps! Now on to something with chicken….


2 thoughts on “Wingin’ It!

  1. Love this!!!! Am going to try soon! Thanks! dont you think this would be perfect for a crabby day? :-). It would make me uncrabby and verrrry happy.

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