Shhhhhhhhh!! It’s a secret! ;)

For those who frequent In-N-Out, a secret menu isn’t (or shouldn’t be) a surprise!  But for those who live like mushrooms…. well, you know what they say about mushrooms… 😉

For those finding this out for the first time, sit down, take a deep breath and prepare yourself.  In-N-Out has a secret menu. Read that again. Slowly this time… In-N-Out… has… a… secret… menu…!! I’ve been in the know  for some time, but what I didn’t know was a few of the items that are now included – chopped chilies and root beer floats!  YUMMM!!!

Tired of Lox bagelwiches, I popped by In-N-Out for a burger. I ordered a number 2, Animal Style with chopped chilies,  french fries well-done and a vanilla shake. To break this down for the newbies – “Animal Style” is a mustard cooked patty, extra pickles, extra sauce and grilled onions. “Chopped Chilies” will make your nose run and your eyes water. In a good way! “French fries well-done” are crispy fries.

A few highlights off the Secret Menu –

Burgers –
Veggie Burger – a hamburger with extra tomatoes instead of meat.
Extra Toast – your bun is toasted a little more than usual, making it extra crispy.
Protein Style – your burger is wrapped in lettuce, no bun!
Grilled Cheese – bun, tomato and onions, grilled with melted cheese.
Flying Dutchman – for the ultimate meat-eater, two beef patties and two slices of cheese!
Animal Style – extra pickles, extra sauce, grilled onions and a mustard cooked patty.
No Salt – this can be requested on your burger and/or your fries.
Chopped Chilies – add diced chilies to any burger

Fries –
Fries Animal Style – french fries covered with cheese, grilled onions and special sauce
Cheese Fries – french fries with melted cheese
Fries Light – undercooked fries
Fries Well-Done – extra crispy fries

Drinks –
Neapolitan Shake – vanilla, chocolate and strawberry swirled together
Large and Extra Large Shakes
Root Beer Float – half vanilla shake, half Root Beer soda
Lemon-Up – lemonade and 7-up mixed together
Tea-Ade, aka Arnold Palmer – half iced tea, half lemonade


In-N-Out Burger - Animal Style with Chopped Chili's

A better view of those delicious (HOT!!) chopped chili's

Who needs Ketchup when you have a Vanilla Shake to dip your fries in!? 🙂


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